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Leaning Against the Wall

Sustainable fashion

I am an artist in Residence at Modern Mirror and 3D fashion designer. I use a cool tool called CLO 3D to make clothes. I have found working with CLO 3D to be an incredibly rewarding experience. At Modern Mirror, we create sustainable and eco-friendly fashion designs.

We make fashion in a way that's good for the Earth. We also use other smart tech to do this and by doing this, we can cut down the number of returns by about 40%. This means we can cut carbon emissions by almost half. That's a big win for our planet!

As a designer at Modern Mirror, I'm doing my part to make this happen. It’s inspiring to be part of a company that values sustainability and inclusivity. Working with CLO 3D has allowed me to express myself creatively while also making a positive impact on the world. With the right tools, we can make a big difference. Let's keep working to make fashion greener! 

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