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My fitness journey

Getting fit and losing weight

I have always been a bit bigger around the tummy and over the years as an adult I have been smaller and bigger at times. When I organised my wedding to Katherine we both decided that we wanted to be a bit fitter. I managed to lose quite a lot of weight and I felt really good. This is because I had more energy and found it easier to move.


Everybody's weight is their own choice so I am not telling anyone that they should be a smaller or larger size but I know that I feel better when i am a bit fitter and this usually means I get a bit slimmer. As i said before it is important for people with Down's syndrome to stay fit and active so that we can live long and fun lives.

These are some of the things that i do when i want to get fit. 


  • I eat porridge oats with fruit and agave nectar for my breakfast

  • I always have lunch - I make a wrap with vegan meat slices and salad on top and with my wrap I have Pom bears instead of crisps and a nak'd bar (banana flavour) and I have a banana

  • drink more water

  • my wife and I plan our meals with the staff who support us and we choose things that we can make from scratch such as homemade potato wedges instead of chips. 

  • have at least two types of vegetables with your dinner (as well as your potatoes or rice or pasta) such as carrots, peas, mixed veg or maybe salad

  • Try to use only a little bit of oil to cook and use olive not butter

  • have berries and yogurt (i like coconut yogurt) as a dessert 

  • have anything you want for one meal a week


  • I like to do weights - my sister Jessie has been helping me. We do a smallish weight and do 5 sets of 5

  • I like to use the cross trainer and I watch fashion shows on my phone which makes the time go really quickly

  • My wife and I are learning dances every week at our dance lessons and this is a good way to get fit because we really enjoy it. We recently passed our exam in freestyle - we got 85%!

  • do things that you enjoy like dancing or walking the dog or going trampolining because they are good fun

  • I like to finish my work out by using the treadmill, i walk on it because I find it hard to balance if i run

  • Get clothes that you like to wear while you work out 

  • get elastic laces on your trainers - it makes them much easier to put on 

  • i have a large water bottle with holds 1 litre - i fill it up with the cold water at the gym and it makes me enjoy drinking it

  • if you have a fitness watch then make a competition with someone you know who has one - jessie and I are in competition! 

  • try to work your hardest 

  • go to the gym with friends or family so that someone can help - i helped my sister lucy the other day when she was using the swiss ball

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