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My fitness journey

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Some people don't realise but people with Down's syndrome have to be even more careful that their health than others. We need to make sure that we keep active and feed our bodies with the right foods. It is very difficult to do this if you aren't sure what to eat.

My sister Jessie weighed me recently and I was upset to see that i have put some weight on. I really want to be fit and healthy so she is helping me to change my diet and get more active. I wanted to make a blog about it so that other people with Down's syndrome can be inspired to do the same.

This is the start of my journey and me working hard.

I will post more about my routine so that you can follow along too if you want to. Jessie has made me a program based on one she uses from a fitness writer called Rusty Moore. The program is called Visual impact and you can read more about it here if you are interested - he writes good programs but also has interesting emails that she reads and gets lots of tips from.

I am also going to try to eat Vegan-ISH - Jessie says that this is a good way to start to be vegan and I can choose to be flexible if I want.

This is my journey and I hope you will be inspired too.

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