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Ru Paul's drag con

The last few weeks have been very exciting for me. Ages ago Jessie said she would take me to Ru Paul's drag con in London. We both love Drag but I have really loved it since I was a kid - my favourite films were - To Wong Fu, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar -

and Priscilla Queen Of the Desert -

Both of these films have amazing actors and amazing costumes and ever since watching them I have loved drag.

So we got tickets and headed to London early in the morning to queue up. When we got there we asked a man about where to go for accessible tickets and he took us right to the front door where we were allowed to enter early with all the people who had VIP tickets. We had a look around and Jessie asked me which drag queen i wanted to see first and because I really love The Vivienne we went there first. She was so lovely and friendly and I bought a really cool T-shirt with her design on.

After seeing The Vivienne Jessie and I watched the queens entrance which as wonderful. Then as we were walking around looking at all the stands Jessie spotted Todrick Hall - i really love his music so Jessie asked if he could take a picture with me and he was so lovely and friendly.

Next we got to see my other favourite from UK drag race - Baga Chips! She was also amazing and nice and friendly. I got a hoody from her stall and I have been wearing it loads!

Then we watched some performances while we waited for who I really wanted to see - Drag Syndrome!!!!!!!!! They are so amazing and cool and I really want to design some outfits for them.

I loved them all - they were so nice and welcoming. We got to speak to them all, get a signature and a tshirt and then they said I could come and dance on stage when they performed as they have a song at the end of the performance where the audience can be chosen to join them. It was amazing and I had had such a great time. I can't wait to see them again.

It was a fantastic day and I had a really great time. I hope that one day I can join Drag Syndrome.

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